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Mar 16, 2011 6:00pm EDT
house says u.s. citizens in japan should listen to the u.s. and not japan when it comes to evacuation plans. we are going to have up to the second information for you next. >> weatherwise today in maryland we hit 58th street. we are already above average today. warmer weather on the way tomorrow. we were within 2 degrees. susie out about them, you are our winner. we are back with your winning forecast right after this. this week, make pasta night more exciting for your family with a little help from the italian sausage experts: try... since 1945, this delicious italian sausage has been made with only the most premium cuts of pork and unique blends of quality herbs and spices you can actually see. and the taste? why not let the empty plates speak for themselves. make pasta night a weekly dinner your family looks forward to. choose johnsonville, america's favorite italian sausage. brand power. helping you buy better. >> only on abc2 news, we have the morgan pears, smokey the bear, and look at all of these bears and cubs at deep creek lake. it's like most of us during march madness. it's
Mar 14, 2011 6:00pm EDT
for the class of 2012 to change. >>> and the earthquake in japan may have you looking for ways to give. what to look out for to make sure you're not being scammed. >>> many students pray before a big test. there are many prayers being said over the maryland school assessments. when do the prayers become against the law? one baltimore school principal organized a prayer service, that drew criticism from the aclu. abc2 news jeff hager tonight explaining the debate over the separation of church and state. >> reporter: for the second year in a row, when faced with taking the all-important maryland school assessments many students at one elementary school and middle school called on the almighty for help. >> we want to get help. >> reporter: the aclu learned a teacher questioned the principal's right to ask her to distribute flyers for the saturday service, it asked the school to stop the practice immediately. >> organizing prayer rallies is not an appropriate role for public school administrators and teachers. >> reporter: aclu attorney david roka points out a copy of the flyer clearly mentions
Mar 15, 2011 6:00pm EDT
in japan. you can see some of the smoke riseing in the reactor. in fact there's now a no-fly zone over a 20-mile radius around the plant and people living in the area are also being told to seal themselves in their own homes. so far it's about 140,000 people. in an effort to send relief to japan the archbishop is calling on all catholic churches in this area to hold a special collection for earthquake victims. and we're getting new reaction from salisbury. a woman there teaching english in japan, one of the hardest hit areas by the earthquake. we've mapped it out. actually, the board is in -- a couple of hundred miles northeast of tokyo, one of the hardest hit areas by the earthquake. she told us today we have no electricity or heat but we have well water and gas to purify the water. we are experiencing gasoline shortages so i cannot leave but we are thankful we are safe from the reactors at least. cell phone reception has been out until tonight. we're hoping to return to northerly -- normalcy in a week or two. that is from japan. >>> on the weather front we've just seen clouds increas
Mar 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
to japan, the nuclear facility has been leaking tons of radioactive water, plutonium has been found in the soil, contamination continued to spread in the ocean but tonight in our state we're focused on the first sign of radioactivity here. state leaders said there were small trace amounts but doesn't pose a health risk to us. jeff hager sought out an answer to that question today. jeff? >> reporter: high atop baltimore's federal hill, 6,800 miles from japan radioactive material may already be present. >> i would be worried in california, not too worried here. >> after three mile island at age 7, that was scarier. >> reporter: maryland hill's secretary dr. joshua sharpteen said marylanders had little to worry about even though radioactivity from tokyo's nuclear facilities is already here. >> we did detect very small amounts of radioactive materials in the air. very, very small amounts. in the rainwater. which is not unexpected. other states have seen it as well. >> reporter: the state has turned up no further evidence of the fallout. any radioactivity found here came through the atmo
Mar 17, 2011 6:00pm EDT
's go to japan right now. the first plane full heading back home. the state department says the flight left tokyo with fewer than 100 people on board. that's a small fraction of the americans who are in japan tonight. many are trying to come back home. kelly swoope joins us with more. >> some of those folks are from right here in maryland. early this week, we told you about kris. she has been working in the town, which is 60 miles from that out of control nuclear plant. his mom tells us he has made it to tokyo to the airport there and they are working on plans to get him the rest of the way home. he's a teacher in japan. another woman is danielle jacobs. she was expected to start her long journey home last night and if everything goes as planned, she'll land here in baltimore on saturday morning. it has been a long week and it is not over yet. while they wait, president barack obama is taking action right here at home. he is calling for a comprehensive safety review of the 104 nuclear reactors here in the u.s. the president wants to make sure they can withstand earthquakes and other d
Mar 21, 2011 6:01pm EDT
and pictures still coming in from japan. be warned, not all of them for real. coming up tonight, the way that con artists are getting your information through a click. plus, a major merger could force you to buy a new phone. >>> and jamie, weatherwise today, not bad! first full day of spring hitting 70 degrees. your 2-degree guarantee was 68. we have a winner for you. this is out of pasadena. you get the storm umbrella and by the way, you'll need your umbrella all week. we'll talk about that after this. [no audio] >>> t-mobile customers will 3 g devices will need to replace them. right now, we're seeing some scammers online here. we'll get to that story after this. we warned you about the charity scams that popped up in the wake of tsunami also. in this week's scam alert, joce sterman has a warning about how they're're using the interest to make some money. >> reporter: the crisis in japan captivated us all. every piece of new video spreads through social networks. it's shared so everyone can see what's happening. the problem is, some of the footage is a farce. >> you're interested and y
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)